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3 Things You Should Not Do While Training Your Dog

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Training your dog can be a lot of fun, but it can also bring a lot of stress to you and your dog. If you aren’t properly training your dog, then there could be some serious issues around your home. Your best option is to contact experienced dog trainers who can assist you throughout the training process, but they won’t always be there for you. That means you should know, at the very least, what to not do around your new dog.

Don’t Ignore Your Dog’s Training Needs

Doing the basics when it comes to dog training is easy, but unfortunately, many owners don’t even do the bare minimum in the early stages of training. For example, it’s important that every dog owner makes sure their dog gets at least one walk every single day. If you start training your dog but do so only when you feel like it, your dog will never be able to develop a habit of good behavior patterns. You should work with your dog as much as possible and continue to do so even after they seem fully trained so they can really refine their skills. Try and teach your dog a new behavior each month and then continue to test them on old behaviors periodically. The more skills your dog learns, the smarter he or she will become.

Not Enough Play Time

Although it’s important to spend a lot of time training your dog, if you don’t allow any playtime, your dog will not be as well behaved as a result. It’s important to find a balance between training sessions and play time. Too much free time can make your dog develop lazy patterns, but you shouldn’t stretch the training sessions too long either. Your best bet is to try to get your dog to attain an obvious level of success after a learned behavior, a reward, and then stop. Don’t keep carrying on without a break as you and your dog will both become fatigued and bored.

Not Enough Confidence

You don’t have to scream and order your dog around like a drill instructor for a training session to be effective. But you can’t let your dog walk all over you, either. Each dog has a distinct personality so it depends on the dog, but if you don’t have a natural sense of confidence while training your dog, they will sense that and not take you seriously.

Again, working with professional dog trainers is your best bet at having the most well behaved dog possible, but you should at least know these important aspects of dog training. If you’re looking for a dog training company in Miami, contact Completely Canine to speak with their experienced dog trainers today.