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Private In-Park Training is a great option for those who want to condition new obedience in a social environment.

The venue, The Barnacle in Coconut Grove,  provides a beautiful, open space with diverse ability levels allowing every dog, naïve to experienced, to be challenged and succeed.

Individual Private In-Park Session

A one hour session sold individually is best used train a single new behavior, polish quality on existing behavior or use the time for a detailed evaluation of problem social actions.


Three Private In-Park Sessions

Three sessions are a great way to give a dog a solid start. Train leash work and basic control behavior in a social environment. This package is the most economical way to get dependable management of your buddy.


Six Private In-Park Sessions

A “Puppy Pack” is a six session package used most commonly with new dogs and puppies. The one hour sessions cover all the essentials for life: sit/stay, down/stay, come and leash work.  A solid start for every dog.


Twelve Private In-Park Sessions

Twelve hours of private training in a beautiful, social environment will give you and your dog the skills you need for a lifetime. Intermediate to advanced levels of all obedience and control behaviors will give you fun and enjoyment with your dog in any situation. This is also a great package for those working on social anxiety or reactivity with other dogs.


Twenty Four Private Session Package

A great per-session value for the owner who has high objectives or just enjoys a training routine. Thoroughly desensitizing pedestrians, bikes, kids, dogs and all the other social stimulus is just one benefit of this inclusive package.


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