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Private In-Home Training is the most effective conditioning environment. It is where your dog learns most easily and where it applies a majority of its’ known behavior.

Many of your dog’s behaviors are specific to your home and are most proficiently trained in their working space. It is also the most convenient for you. Just call to schedule with one of our kind, capable trainers today.

Individual Session

This single session option is well used as a “spot treatment” to address simple issues , train a new behavior or help you achieve your next ability level on your work in progress.


Three Session Package

A favorite as a “housebreaking package”, three sessions is typically what is required to teach first time puppies or retrain your older dog on the do’s and don’ts of potty etiquette. The generous savings on such a small package make it a cost effective way to establish a training routine the owner can carry forward.


Six Session Package

The “Puppy Pack” is what most puppies need for a solid start in life.  Typically spaced over six weeks your puppy will learn sit/stay, down/stay, come, leash walking as well as completing housebreaking, eliminating any barking, biting, chewing, and personal space issues. If you want to take your puppy to breakfast at a sidewalk café, this is the package for you.


BONUS! This package includes FREE LIFETIME GROUP CLASSES. Typically $150.00 per dog, FREE with a package of six sessions or more.

Twelve Session Package

“The Complete Canine” is a twelve session package that delivers dog owners crisp control and thorough understanding at a great price. Whether you want to refine your obedience, train for agility, therapy or sport, this package has your dog covered.  Great dollar savings and great behavior is here for you.



Twenty Four Session Package

For the owner who wants to stay involved with training as ongoing maintenance and improvement this package gives you everything.  Value and assurance your Completely Canine trainer will continue to create and shape your dog’s behavior remove any concern that your dog will be anything but a fantastic canine citizen and a joy to have with you. Line up your behavior wish list and gives us a call today!



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