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Graham at Completely Canine made getting our puppy Turbo’s early transition into our home smooth and easy. His plan was effective and easy to follow. Recently we added Fedo, a rescue, and again Graham made our lives easier by organizing the structure, adding obedience, house rules and of course, plenty of healthy play, Thanks Completely Canine!

Tony and Lauren Kanaan’s Dogs, West highland Terriers

Tony Kanaan (race car driver) won the 2013 Indianapolis 500 and the 2004 IndyCar Series championship

To whom it may concern, I just wanted to take the time to thank Graham for helping bring my pack together and me the leader firmly in control. His insightful training techniques have helped my 2 Havanese and rescue a Yorkie become great dogs that i can take anywhere and they are always the best behaved dogs. The Yorkie Bella when i rescued her was abandoned behind a pizza parlor. She was a terror terrier. She wanted to dominate the household and was stressing me and the other dogs out. Graham helped me tame the terror terrier his “behavior is determined by consequences” call to action. His private sessions were on point and with immediate results. i would recommend him to any dog owner that wants their dogs to be the best that they can be. If you want to take your dogs anywhere and have the be awesome train with Graham. Thank you

Manny Ruiseco

Graham Coords has been the trainer for three of our Norwegian Elkhounds and most recently for Buddy, our six-month old Norwegian Elkhound from Washington, Pennsylvania. Buddy’s father is a champion Elkhound, winning the “Best of Show” in the Norwegian Elkhound competition in 2016. Graham brings wisdom, skill, and devotion to his training sessions. My husband and I try to model the patience and technique that Graham demonstrates. He is inspirational to us, and the proof is in watching our dogs develop into obedient and delightful pets. We feel so fortunate to have worked with Graham, and we recommend him to our family and friends.

Just to add a very unusual story to our experiences with Graham, we called him on Easter Sunday evening this year with a desperate cry. Buddy had worked his way out of his harness, and try as we might, we could not get it back on. Buddy is a frisky and determined puppy. We asked Graham for help, thinking that he might schedule us for the first call on Monday morning. But Graham heard our despair, and said, “I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.” Indeed, he arrived at our home promptly in fifteen minutes and resolved our dilemma. This is the professionalism that Graham offers his clients. He is truly an outstanding and committed trainer.

Florence and Bernie Jacobson

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