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Dog Training Company in Miami

Fun and Fast Professional Dog Training in Miami, FL!

Completely Canine uses kind and effective methods that produce enduring results.

Imagine the dog you want. Where would you go with them? How would they behave? Now let the trainers Completely Canine give you that vision. Every dog has the potential to accomplish amazing things. Start today.

Services we provide

Private In-Home Training

Private dog training in Miami, FL right in your own home is the fastest and easiest way to train for you and your dog.  Your dog learns where it applies the behavior. This delivers the fastest and most dependable result.  Call or email to schedule today. 305-444-1911

Private In-Park Training

Based at The Barnacle in Coconut Grove, FL, Private In-Park Sessions are a fun way to learn.  Highly social and diverse try In-Park for something new!

Group Classes

Completely Canine has the Group Class you are looking for. All levels of Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Tricks, Outdoor Adventures and more. Our next class begins June 8, 2024.  Call or email to register your dog. 305-444-1911

If you know more than they do, make it easy for them to understand, show them the value of your way, always be kind.

– Graham Coords